How to Get All Stored Procedure Names From the Database


FROM syscomments c

INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON

WHERE o.xtype=‘P’


Why use Abstract class

Whenever you want to define common functions and variables for the group of subclasses that share these common implementation but no need to create the object of super class.
Dog is an Animal, Tiger is an Animal, Bear is an Animal.
So that Animal can be an Abstract Class with common functionality like – No of legs, color etc
and no need to create an instance of Animal class rather than subclass

What is anonymous method

It is an inline unnamed method in the code.
It is created by the delegate keyword and doesn’t have return type.
or we can say, An anonymous method has no name, no optional parameters and no return type, it has only body.
Generally we use anonymous method in event handling.


class Program
//delegate for representing anonymous method
delegate int dele(int x, int y);
static void Main(string[] args)
//anonymous method using delegate keyword
dele ano = delegate(int x, int y) { return x * y; };
int result = ano(3, 3);


Disadvantages of LINQ

There are following disadvantages of LINQ

=> If we change any thing in our LINQ query then we have to recompile it and redeploy its dll to the server.
=> LINQ is not good for Write complex queries like SQL
=> LINQ doesn’t take the full advantage of SQL features like cached execution plan for stored procedure.
=> Performance will be degraded if LINQ query is not correct.